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Three Years .. and we will never forget #6thofOctober massacre On 6 October 2013, after less than two months of the RABAA massacre, Army troops and police opened fire on peaceful protesters who were demonstrating to demand the rights of the victims of the

Documentary under 18

"Under 18" documentary tells the stories of three boys who fled from Egypt to Turkey and the difficulties and challenges they experienced.

Abla's eyes Video Clip

About Abla, who was lost between the rubble of the Arab cities that were destroyed, and between the pieces torn by the weapons of repression of the dictatorial regimes

Fankosh Film

coming soon

Military Massacres

Military Massacres

Imam and biadat Film…

Soon .. A documentary film reviews the relationship of the military and exploitation of religion to achieve political purposes

Killing Dreams Film

Alahlam Alkatelah (Killing Dreams ) Film first documentary film about Abdel Fattah al-Sisi deals with his origins and until he came to rule Egypt

The Investigator TV Programe

The Investigator TV Programe

The Game ( Short…

The Game ( Short film).

45 Days

45 Days